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Sorbsan Flat range

Sorbsan Flat

Since its introduction in 1983, Sorbsan calcium alginate dressing has been a favourite with nurses for its ease of use, clinical efficacy and cost effectiveness. A natural product derived from seaweed, Sorbsan’s soft and gentle properties have been employed across a variety of formats to provide solutions for a range of clinically challenging conditions.

Promotes healing with unique action

Constructed of natural, loose fibres made from seaweed, Sorbsan alginate dressings form an amorphous gel when in contact with exudate allowing the dressing to maximise contact with the wound bed. In critically colonised and/or infected wounds this action minimises the risk
of untreated gaps in the wound bed which will delay healing.

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Sorbsan Silver range

Sorbsan Silver

Broad spectrum antimicrobial dressings, effective against MRSA, VRE and MRSE. Sorbsan Silver capitalises on Sorbsan’s conformability as the antimicrobial silver gel can contour the entire wound bed for maximum effect, providing optimal conditions to support healing. Indicated for infected or critically colonised wounds, Sorbsan Silver contains 1.5% Silver content.

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Sorbsan Plus and Sorbsan Plus Ribbon are available while stocks last. Contact us for more information.